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C++ programming & Digital Art

Welcome to PietroLC.com, your digital sanctuary where technology and creativity coexist harmoniously. As a passionate C++ programmer who also enjoys digital art and watercolors, I invite you to join me on a journey of discovery and inspiration.

Here, the worlds of code and canvas collide, reflecting my two passions and expertise. Whether you’re a fellow coder looking to understand the complexities of C++, an aspiring digital artist exploring the limitless possibilities of the digital realm, or a watercolor enthusiast captivated by the fluidity of pigments on paper, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge and inspiration waiting for you.

Through insightful tutorials, captivating showcases, and personal insights, I hope to bridge the gap between technology and creativity, providing a unique perspective based on my own experiences and passions.

Join our thriving community of like-minded people, where curiosity knows no bounds and each click opens up new avenues for exploration and innovation.

So, whether you’re here to hone your coding skills, explore your artistic potential, or simply enjoy the beauty of creation, welcome to PietroLC.com, where passion meets expertise and the journey of discovery never ends.

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Pietro Luigi Carotenuto

Ph.D. in Information Engineering, C++ Software Developer

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Programming Languages (C++, Python)

C++, which is noted for its performance and control, uses techniques like object-oriented programming, memory management, and template meta-programming to build fast, high-performance systems.

Python‘s simplicity and readability allow for quick prototyping and versatile scripting through methods such as dynamic typing, vast libraries, and rapid development.

The Programming Languages section highlights the specific features and characteristics of both languages, with the goal of inspiring developers to investigate and grasp their unique capabilities. Whether you prefer the strength and precision of C++ or the simplicity and flexibility of Python, you’ll find advice and inspiration here to help you improve your programming abilities and projects.

HOW-TOs and Tutorials

Step-by-step tutorials and guides to streamline your coding journey, empowering you to tackle complex projects with confidence.

Version Control Systems

Navigate the world of version control systems like Git, mastering collaboration and code management techniques for seamless project development.

Coding Challenges

Sharpen your skills and problem-solving prowess with engaging coding challenges that test your creativity and ingenuity.

Digital Art & Watercolors

Watercolor painting, with its delicate, translucent properties, employs methods such as wet-on-wet, dry brush, glazing, and masking to achieve breathtaking visual effects. Layering, blending modes, vector drawing, pixel art, and 3D modeling are among the techniques used in digital art to increase creativity, providing limitless possibilities for distinctive and intricate artwork.

This artistic section honors the various techniques used in both art forms, with the goal of inspiring artists to explore and experiment on their creative journeys.

Whether you’re drawn to the timeless beauty of watercolors or the cutting-edge technology of digital art, you’ll find inspiration and advice here to fuel your creative endeavors.


Explore a diverse array of topics beyond programming, from software development methodologies to productivity hacks and personal growth insights.

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