“Even More Pizza” – My algorithm source code (C++)

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This post contains my code for the “Even More Pizza” practice problem released for the Google Hash Code, 2021.

I implemented my code in one single C++ source file. You can change the source code as needed for the Qualification Round, but you must also indicate the original author of this code at the top of the file.

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This post contains the C++ source code to solve the “Even More Pizza” practice problem for the Google Hash Code.

The provided code can be used to solve the combinatorial problem generally given for the Online Qualification round.

Please, do not remove the information about the original author of this code. You can reuse this code to pass the Online Qualification Round.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave a comment below.

Pietro L. C

C++ Software Engineer, Ph.D. working in Malta on embedded systems with a vision in mind: design best software to solve complex problems in the real world.
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