How-to earn points?

Any user can earn points on this website depending on his activities.

When are points added?

The first 30 points are earned when you register to this community.

After that, each daily visit will bring other 2 points.

You can earn additional points sharing the website with friends and colleagues. In particular, you can earn:

  • 1 point for each visitor (up to 10 weekly points ).
  • 10 points for each registered user (up to 4 monthly registrations)

For each comment to a post, the user can earn 10 points, until a maximum of 100 points.

Every year, on registration anniversary, 100 points are automatically added to your balance.

When are points deducted?

You can also loose points if any bad action is performed or discovered.

In particular, the following actions lead to loose points:

  • spam comments: -50 points
  • trashed comments: -2 points

If you delete your account, all earned points are lost.

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