“More pizza” problem algorithm description

The description of the algorithm used to get maximum score. Above all, this is the algorithm I suggest to use for the Google Hash Code Qualification Round.

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In this article, I’ve discussed about the algorithm used to solve the Knapsack 0/1 problem that Google has proposed this year. The proposed algorithm is suitable to be used also for other problems proposed during the qualification round in the past years. My goal was to prepare you to face the next Google Hash Code challenge.

The Google Hash Code qualification round is an amazing opportunity to have fun with your team and compete against the world on an interesting problem to solve.

Do not attend only to win, but to learn coding and to become the perfect team player. Most important, do not forget to order pizzas!

Hope to hear you soon with amazing news!

Pietro L. Carotenuto
Pietro L. Carotenuto

C++ Software Engineer, Ph.D. in Information Engineering. I like reading and learning new things while working on new projects. Main author on PietroLC.com looking for contributions and guest authors.

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