Who are patrons?

The subscription to this blog is completely FREE OF CHARGE and it will always be!

In order to support my blog activity, people can subscribe to a specific Tier using Patreon and become the patrons of my website.

Many articles require registration to this blog just to earn some virtual coins. Earning virtual coins ensures more visibility inside this community.

Depending on the importance of the topic and on the amount of work spent on it, an article can only be read by patrons.

On my website, the patrons are divided into four categories:

  • Gamer
  • Official Patron
  • Expert Patron
  • VIP Patron

The following table summarizes the features for each type of subscription to this blog:


Access to generic posts and forum threads.

Standard privileges in the community forum.


Ad-free access to gaming posts.

Exclusive access to gaming posts and forum areas.

Higher privileges in the forum.


Ad-free access to software related posts

Exclusive access to software related forums.

And all features of the Gamer role.

Expert Patron

Exclusive access to software related posts and forums for expert developers and engineers.

And all features of the Patron role.

VIP Patron

Exclusive access to posts, forums… and code.

And all features of the Expert Patron role.

The registration to this website will always be free of charge.

If you become my Patron, I will always thank you for your support.